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Assignment Due

1 Mar 26
1. Course Overview

2. Human Error as a Motivator for good design

Unruh & Pratt


Mar 28

1. What is design?

2. How can design be research?

Forlizzi et al.

Wolf et al.

2 Apr 2
1. User-centered design

Preece, Rogers, & Sharp




Apr 4
1. User-centered design

2. Example: Family Health History Website Design


Reading response #2

Decide on group for design project

3 Apr 9
1. Design Ideas -- the more, the better
Design project problem statement
Apr 11 Participatory Design PD excerpt from Meredith Skeels' dissertation Revised problem statement

Apr 16

guest lecture

Scenario-based design

Value-sensitive, scenario-based design


Nathan,Friedman, Klasnja

Apr 18 Participatory Design Exercise    
5 Apr 23

Pruit & Gruidin

Value-sensitive scenarios for design project with oral presentation
Apr 25
Advanced Research Methods in Studying Information Interactions
6 Apr 30
Methods continued & Tips continued
Personas for design project with oral presentation
May 2 Clinical Information Needs Studies


Optional readings on bioinformatics:

(1) Characterizing Data Discovery and End-user Computing Needs in Clinical Translational Science.

(2) Informing design of a search tool for bioinformatics.



7 May 7 Design Thinking in Action Stanford's Design School Cards Individuals submit and bring in three designs

May 9

guest lecture

Public Health Information Needs

Reading Response #4
8 May 14
Mental Models
May 16
User-based & expert-based evaluations
9 May 21 Usability

Chapter 10 - Usability

Optional extra:


May 23

no class--work on projects  



10 May 28 Holiday no class Project Evaluation Specification
May 30

TBD & Review/Summary

Exam 2:30-4:20 p.m. Monday, June 4 Room TBD
Design Project Presentations

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