Buck Woody

All computing is re-arranging data

Buck Woody

Buck Woody has been teaching his entire technology career...

... since the early 1980's, and he's been teaching and lecturing in various classes and events here at the University of Washington since 2007.  He focuses mostly on leveraging technology to move and manipulate data.


Buck's passion is data - applying data technology to real-world problems.

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Buck has taught at on-premises courses as well as online courses. In the Fall of 2012, Buck is part of a completely online class - a new way of enabling students around the globe to learn at their own pace, while still being part of a major university with the standards and quality of a traditional class. You can read more about the online learning revolution here, and if you'd like to learn from Buck and the rest of the team about database technology, check out the offering. You can apply for the course (even if you don't live in Seattle) here:  http://www.pce.uw.edu