I am an associate professor of Computer Science and Systems within the School of Engineering and Technology at the University of Washington - Tacoma. My research interests broadly encompass Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, and Software Engineering.

Cloud and Distributed Systems (CDS) Research Lab

Our group engages in research spanning Serverless computing (FaaS), Containerization, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing, virtualization, performance and cost modeling of cloud application deployments, and cloud infrastructure management. By harnessing resource utilization metrics to characterize performance of applications and workloads running in the cloud, we develop and apply machine learning and statistical techniques to model application performance, address scaling, and improve autonomous resource management. Given a variety of ways applications can be deployed to cloud environments, our research aims to demystify the myriad of options to guide scientists and practitioners towards making informed deployment decisions that improve performance and availability while reducing hosting costs.

PhD Students: Robert W. Cordingly, Varik Hoang, Anindya Dey
MSCSS Students: Xinghan Chen, Tomoki Kusunoki, Runjie Jin, Heyuan Wang, Agamjot Panesar
In Memorium: PhD Student Zohreh Sadeghi (memorial)
MSCSS Alumni: Naman Bhaia (MathWorks), Divyansh Dwivedi (Knopman Marks Financial Training), Di Mo (Amazon), Sunita Garjurel, Jasleen Kaur (Juniper Networks), Madhuri Sharma (Amazon), Ruochen Wang (Amazon), Nischal Khadka (Google), Zening Zhao (TikTok), Bob Schmitz (Sinclair Digital), Siddharth Sheth (Rocket Mortgage), Navid Heydari (T-Mobile), Hanfei Yu (LSU PhD Student), Sonia Xu (Amazon AWS), Ailian Li (Google), Raymond Schooley (APL-UW), Delvin Mackenzie (DigiPen), Edward Han (Amazon), Baojia Zhang (Airbnb), Minh Vu (Oracle), Huazeng Deng (Zoox), Lan Ly (Tempered Networks), Jugal Gahdhi (E-bay), Paranjit Singh (Amazon), Harrison Ross
BSCSS Alumni: Lan Ly (Tempered Networks), Devin Durham (Microsoft), Wen Shu (T-Mobile), Sterling Quinn (Amazon), Thaddaeus Hug (Anitian), Jake Yang (Boeing), David Perez (Colorado State University Research Assoc.)
Industry Collaborators: Garrett Lahmann (T-Mobile), Shruti Ramesh (Airbnb), Vladimir Kaganyuk (T-Mobile)
-MSCSS thesis, Honors thesis

Weekly Research Meeting
Spring Quarter 2024: Date/time inquire by email
Location: Hybrid Zoom & MDS312
The weekly meeting is open to all students, undergraduate and graduate,
with interest in learning about, and becoming involved in cloud and distributed systems research.

Our research is currently supported by the National Science Foundation (1849970), and the National Institutes of Health (5R01GM126019-02). Our group collaborates with the eScience Institute at the University of Washington, Object Modeling System Laboratory at Colorado State University, the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS), and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS). My research helps scientists, biologists, and practioners to leverage cloud computing to help improve the performance of applications while reducing hosting costs. Our publications include topics in cloud computing, scientific computing, performance modeling, web/service computing, software metrics, and requirements engineering.

Contact Information:
School of Engineering and Technology
University of Washington, Tacoma
1900 Commerce Street, Room 229
Tacoma, WA 98402-3100

Cherry Parkes 229
T 2:30-3:30p CP229, F 11a-12p (zoom)
or by appointment via Zoom