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How to connect to online class sessions

PHYS 575, Renewable Energy

Spring '15

R. J. Wilkes

Online class sessions:

We will meet online every Thursday evening.

I will conduct Thursday classes from classroom, A-110 PAB, so if you prefer to attend in person, please join me there.

How to connect to the class session:

You can connect using any computer and common web browser, from anywhere with internet access: work, home, wifi cafe, hotel, etc.

Just go to  and log in using your usual UW NetID and password. You MUST be registered for the course to access this website, of course.

You will see the Adobe Connect window for our class, with a list of participants and a chat window on the left, and the slides I will discuss in the main part of the window. We will discuss details of Adobe Connect navigation in class.

Be sure to turn on your computer's audio output. If your computer does not have a good built-in microphone, consider buying a headset with earphones and microphone. However, a microphone is not essential since you can always type in questions and comments via the chat window.


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