Physics 116 A, Autumn, 2011


General Information

  • Textbook: James Walker, Physics, 4th Ed., volume 3 (custom edition for UW, available at U. Bookstore)
  • Webassign access is required for homework and grade communication.
  • Clickers required for pop quizzes: H-ITT RF (not infrared!) transmitter (available at U. Bookstore)
  • Prerequisites: PHYS 114, 115;  working knowledge of high school algebra and basic trigonometry.
  • Lectures: students will be responsible for all material covered in lectures. Please ask questions in class, or email your question to the class mail address,
  • Quizzes: there will be at least 10 pop quizzes, so bring your clicker every day. Only the best 8 scores will be used so you can miss at least 2 quizzes without loss. The quiz questions will be very easy if you have been paying attention in class.
    You are responsible for knowing how to use your clicker - we will have a practice quiz in class. Please don't ask me to hand-enter your answer if your clicker's battery dies or you otherwise unable to enter your response electronically.
  • Homework: we will have at least 8 homework sets assigned, collected and graded via WebAssign. Please check the class calendar for due dates. Assignments are due before 5 pm on those days. WebAssign will relentlessly refuse to accept your entries after the specified closing time!
    However, you are very strongly advised to work out at least 10 additional problems in each chapter. The homework assignments are very minimal and experience shows that students who spend time on homework problems get better scores on exams. Also, some exam questions may be very similar to end-of-chapter problems.
  • Exams: there will be 3 midterm exams. Please see the course calendar for dates and material covered. Your lowest midterm score will be dropped, so you can miss one midterm without loss. Therefore, you need not (and should not) notify me in any way if you have to miss one midterm. However, please do not ask for permission to miss more than one!
  • The final exam will be on December 12 at 2:30 pm. Plan your holiday departure after this required exam. If you miss the final exam you will get an I=incomplete grade for the class, and will have to make it up by taking the final exam of next term's 116 class. The final will be designed to be done in 1 hour, although you may have the full 2 hour period to work on it. The final will be half on material covered in class after the last midterm, and half on material covered in the midterms.
    All exams will come with a cover page giving all possible formulas needed (and many not needed) for the exam. Of course you may not communicate with anyone in or out of the room during an exam, or use any electronic device. Please recognize that any variety of cheating will not help you, and since we have seen them all before, will probably get you into serious trouble, up to and including expulsion from UW.
  • Study center: please make use of the Physics Study Center, located in room AM008, on the mezzanine level of the A wing of the Physics Astronomy building. The room is open at all times the building is open, 8am to 7pm weekdays. TAs and faculty will be on hand to answer your questions most of the time betwen 9:30 am and 4:30 pm weekdays. You are encouraged to study with fellow students to learn more! (Of course,  homework submissions must be your own work.)
  • Common courtesy: Civil behavior is expected in class. The basic rule is, do not get in the way of other students who want to pay attention. Cell phones must be turned off while in class. People who want to chat with another student, or play games or watch videos on a laptop, will be asked to leave the room.

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