Physics 116 A, Autumn, 2011


1:30-2:20 MT,ThF

Physics-Astronomy Building Room A118 

Lecture section A: SLN 18032

Instructor: R. J. Wilkes

Office: B-303 Physics-Astronomy Building
Office Hours: M,F 2:30-3:00pm, B-303
Telephone: 206-543-4232

NOTE: for all  course entry and registration questions, contact Ms Susan Miller,
Please do not contact me for overloads or entry codes - I do not have them!

For information about PHYS 119 labs, contact Ms Miller, or Dr. David Pengra. The labs are separate courses.

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  NEW! Course grades are posted on Catalyst Gradebook
Your course grade was based on the sum of :
  • best 2 of 3 midterm exams, rescaled* (max 200 pts),
  • best 6 of 8 homework scores (max 95 pts),
  • best 6 of 12 clicker quiz scores (max 18 pts)
  • final exam score** (max 100 pts)
Maximum total score: 413 pts
* original exam scores were rescaled, to make all 3 midterm exams have approximately equal score distributions. This way, it does not matter which exam you missed, if you missed one exam. Your rescaled scores preserve your relative rank in the class for each exam, and if you got 100, your rescaled score is 100.
** If you missed the final exam, you will get an I (incomplete) grade, and must take the PHYS 116 final exam at the end of next term; I will recalculate your final grade then. If you do not clear the incomplete next term, you will get the final grade shown now on Gradebook, reflecting a zero score for the final exam.

  NEW! Final Exam solutions are posted in the slides directory.
  NEW! Final exam scores are posted on Webassign

The Royal Society (UK) has made its archived journals freely open to the public.
Take a look at Isaac Newton's 1671 paper on his experiments with solar spectra using prisms. (Yes, that's right: the pdf file says "(c) 1671" ! )

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 Office hours:

JW: Monday and Friday, 2:30-3:00pm office (B303)
    (note: changed from earlier posting on website)
Kyle Armour (TA): T 3:30-4:30 office (B442), W 2:30-3:30 in the study center, Th 10:30-11:30 B442 (note change from 11:30!)

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