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BES 489                                                     Spring 2006

Exploring the ecology of Pacific Northwest ecosystems, environmental policies and land use practices 


Instructor:            Warren Gold                             Tel: 425-352-5409                          Office: UW1 - 140

E-Mail: wgold@u.washington.edu                  Web: http://faculty.washington.edu/wgold           Office Hours: M, W 3:30-5:00 


!! Special Announcements !!

May 6 Field Trip meets at UWB parking lot at 6:15 AM - leaves at 6:30 AM!

Click here for some Mount Rainier Field Trip Photos from years past


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Spring 2006 Syllabus

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Ecoregion Report Resources 2006 Examples of 2 good student partial papers from similar assignment in a different class - Electronic Reserve  

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