My favorite music (this page is under construction, last updated: December 2, 2008)

It's very difficult to list all the music that I love, but here is my first try of music that I'm currently listen. I have to say that I like all kind of music...from classical music, trova to reggaeton and cumbia. I'm always open to hear new sounds and bands, so drop me a line if you have any suggestion.

Latin Jazz
I love latin jazz. Just to name a few singers/bands:

- Michel Camilo. He is one of the most exciting Latin jazz and contemporary pianists I have ever heard. Camilo is charismatic, creative, and eclectic. He allows his bassist, drummer, and percussionist featured riffs, during potent and powerful Latin mambos or fused Jazz/Contemporary/Latin/Classical compositions. "From Whitin" (on the left), featured in Calle 54, is a "must to see" if you like latin jazz. This is probably one of my top 3 favorite songs.

On the right, Chuchito Valdes with Chalo y su Ache (read below).


Los Valdés

- Bebo Valdés. A master. On the left featuring "Lagrimas negras" with Cachao (another great song from Calle 54)...

- Chucho Valdés (on the right) is the founder and leader of Irakere, one of Cuba's top Jazz groups. My favorite CD is: "New conceptions", Live at the Village Vanguard. 

- Chuchito Valdés has great songs too. Particularly, I like "Yo tengo mi tumbao" and "Descarga Cubana".


  - Luis Salinas. He is one of the best jazz guitarists in today's music world. From his CD "Salinas", "La Salsalinas" (on the left) is one of my top 3 favorite songs. On the right is "La Pesada."

Other good guitarrist is Peruchin Jr.  Favorite CDs: Mi descarga


Salsa / Cuban Music
I love hearing and dancing salsa  and la buena timba!. Here some of my favorite groups/bands:

  - El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (My favorite CD: 40 Aniversario 1962-2002). Many, many great songs!!!. My favorite group for dancing.

On your left, "Brujeria" at the Copacabana club (New York, USA)

On your right: "Ojos Chinos" and "Un verano en Nueva York" featuring Andy Montañez (Lima - Peru) "Chim pum, Callao!"


- Orlando Valle "Maraca". The master Cuban flautist packs a spectacular roster of musicians from Cuba and delivers another knockout punch of Cuban modern day timba/salsa, con mucho tumbao!. Favorite CDs: "Best of Maraca" - a must have - (Pa Gozar Pilon, Castigala), "Soy yo"


  - On the left: La reina de la salsa "the Queen of Salsa" Celia Cruz (Azzuuccar!)

- On the right: Cali Pachangero by Niche. "Una salsa clasica!"


DLG (Toro Mata - on your left-) and a mix of songs live! (on your right)

  Other favorites Salsa singers/bands: Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Buena Vista Social Club, Afro-Cuban All Stars (CD: A Toda Cuba Le Gusta), Sonora Carruseles, Hector Lavoe, Fruko and Latin Brothers, Joe Arroyo (Rebelion, La Noche, En Barranquilla me quedo..all of them great songs!), Somos Amigos, Oscar De Leon (Lloraras, Me Moy Pa' Cali -on your right-. CD: En Vivo!..very good!), Marc Anthony (Nadie como ella) and Tu amor me hace bien (on your left), Victor Manuelle.
If you wanna know/hear about all the different Cuban music styles (more than 15), click here:



  - Orishas. This is an Afro-Cuban hip-hop group that represents a new generation of Cuban music. Their first CD, "A lo cubano," (on the left) and "Naci Orishas" (on your right).



Love for dancing. My favorites: Los Hermanos Rosario (on your right), GrupoMania with Elvis Crespo: Linda eh (on your left), Elvis Crespo (Suavemente), Los Toros Band (awesome in live!), Oro Solido, La Banda Gorda, Tony Tun Tun.

  La Makina (Mi reina, on your left), Elvis Crespo (Suavemente, on your right)



- Tom Jobim. My favorites: Garota from Ipanema, Desafinado (on your left), Meditacion.

- Eliane Elias: Favorite CD: "Eliane Elias play Jobim", "Sings Jobim".


Musica Peruana Señores!  (Peruvian Music)


- Novalima: This is a groundbreaking Afro-Peruvian electronica band. They are awesome! Novalima fuse downtempo, dub, broken and house beats with son, cumbia, samba and bossa, to produce music rooted in Peruvian culture while spanning global genres. Favorite CD: Afro (Chinchivi). Watch the video y see more here:  "A bailar senores!"

- Chabuca Granda. My favorite Peruvian singer. La flor de la canela.

- Folklorical Music: A great CD is:
  - Habaschallay: Huaynos from Peru. Gisela Perez Ruibal is a great piano player. Highly recommendable. Habaschallay Web page
  El Condor Pasa, Adios Pueblo de Ayacucho.

- Eva Ayllon. Eva is the best Peruvian female singer.

Tributo a Lucha Reyes (on the left) and Nada Soy - Cariñito (on the right).

- Grupo 5:. Great Cumbia band! Mix Cumbia- Tao Tao (on the left), and Morir de Amor (on your right) featuring Lucho Paz (the best Peruvian Cumbia singer, great voice!!!)


- Nectar: El Arbolito (on the left) and a cover (Ojitos hechiceros) by Orquesta Amaya Hermanos (on the right).


- As you can see, a lot of these musicians are piano players...well..that's my bias ;) I invite all of you to visit my MIDI web page, where you can listen some Peruvian music I recorded with my keyboards in MIDI format.

Bye for now (very soon my favorite rock music and more)...



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