Errata Sheet




The below list includes known typographical errors in the Arends et al (1995) textbook Pidgins and Creoles: an Introduction, required for LING 430 Pidgin and Creole Languages



Known errors in the First edition:

Chapter 1, p. 11


Ch. 4, p. 45 “The Michif language differs in a way a from...”


Ch. 8, p. 94 “descent for (components of) Saramaccan.”


Ch. 10, p. 117 typo in gloss “but you are a medicine-man from town”


Ch. 11, p. 133 (alignment error in language example 36)


Ch. 13, p. 156 (alignment error in language example 9, first and third lines of glossed text)


Ch. 15, p. 179 “Needless to say that speakers may...”


Ch. 17, p. 210 (alignment error in language example 6)


Ch. 20, p. 248 misspelling of “reminiscent”


Ch. 24, p. 306 (alignment error in language example 10)