Elicitation materials:  a methods clearinghouse!


Welcome!  This webpage is intended to be helpful to those of you designing a sociolinguistic study.  I have had many people come to the stage in their undergrad honors, masters, or doctoral thesis work when they are faced with the daunting task of devising a word list, a demographic questionnaire, or instrument for eliciting sociolinguistic variables of a phonological or syntactic nature.  What do I include in my wordlist? Got any clever ideas for eliciting the word “fight” or the infamous Irish English Hot News Perfect??


Well, here are the beginnings of a web-clearinghouse in which I will publish (with the authors’ permission) elicitation materials of various types, used for actual studies.  These documents reflect hours of writing and revision. In other words, they have all been tested (more-or-less) by members of the Sociolinguistics Laboratory at the University of Washington.  In time, we hope to list materials for a variety of study types. So, keep checking the list for updates.  Please use these materials to design your own studies, and do remember to thank or credit the author.  Cheers!



Sociolinguistic Studies

Pacific Northwest Dialect Study (Wassink, Conn)

Pacific Northwest Dialect Study, Vancouver WA Pilot Study (Lemieux)

Sociophonetic Studies

Pacific Northwest Vowels (Ingle)