Sketches of Pidgin, Creole, and Intertwined Languages*

To view the slides from a class presentation, click the file associated with the language names in the list in the table, below:



Atlantic Area:


Presented by:

Pacific Area:


Presented by:

Angloromani (pdf)

Fulton, Noonan, Marable

Bislama (pdf)

Bowler, Millar

Cape Verdean (pdf)


Chinook Jargon (pdf)

Cyphers, Neumann, Schuck

Louisiana French Creole (pdf)

Polizzi, Li, Ostgart, Ledesma

China Coast Pidgin (pdf)

Lau, Lui

Nicaraguan Sign Language (pdf)


HawaiĠian Creole (pdf)


Russenorsk (pdf)

Tierney, Goodman

Tok Pisin (pdf)

OĠNeil, Rutherford, Bloss

Papiamentu (pdf)





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