Walter G. Andrews







23 May 1939

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania




1961 B. A. Carleton College

1963 M. A. University of Michigan (English Literature)

1965 M. A. University of Michigan (Near East)

1970 Ph.D. University of Michigan (Turkish Language and Literature)




University of Washington:


1968 Acting Assistant Professor

1970 Assistant Professor

1976 Associate Professor

1985 Professor


1991 Retired from University of Washington position

1991-Present  Director,  Ottoman Texts Archive Project

1992-2001Affiliate Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilization

1992-2001 Affiliate Professor, Jackson School of International Studies     

2001-present  Research Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilization.




Middle East Studies Association

Modern Language Association

Turkish Studies Association

American Association of Teachers of Turkish

Middle East Literatures Seminar






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In Progress:


  Kaside,  (with Mehmed Kalpaklı of Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul: a major study of Ottoman panegyric and occasional poetry).






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“Turkish Literature on the World Stage”, Turkish Book Review 03, July-December, 2008.





 Recent Awards and Honors:


The first University of Michigan, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literature, Lighthouse Award—to an alumnus who has made an outstanding contribution to Middle Eastern Studies. 


 October 20, 2008:


The Turkish Republic Order of Merit Medal [Türk Cumhuriyeti Liyakat Nişanı] (granted by vote of the Turkish Parliament and signed by the President of the Republic “for valuable studies and contributions to the Turkish Republic”).


November 2008:


The Middle East Studies Association Mentoring Award. [“In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the education and training of others in Middle East and Turkish studies.  With deep appreciation for his inspiring example as a teacher and scholar; his flair for communicating the aesthetic and scholarly thrill to be found in the literature of a distant era and the satisfaction to be had in seeking connections between past and present.  For his tireless care for his colleagues and his enthusiasm for collaborative projects across disciplines and art forms and for the generous attention he gives to all students who turn to him and thereby reap the rewards of his meticulous training, sound advice, and continuing involvement in and encouragement of their scholarly careers, it is an honor to Walter G. Andrews, an outstanding mentor, who represents and fosters the finest of Middle East and Turkish studies scholarship.”)  


April 2009:


At Carleton College, Northfield Minnesota:

Ira Wender Lecture Series on Cross-Cultural Understanding (Inaugural Lecture) [April 21]

Headley Distinguished Visitor-in-Residence in Literary and Cultural Studies  [Two week mini-seminar April 12-25]









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[Since 1998:  Lectures or talks at Yale University,  Portland Art Museum,  San Diego State University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Carleton College, The University of Minnesota, The University of Michigan, and numerous local talks.]




   The  Witches  (A Karagöz performance in English  translated  by Walter Andrews,  Karen Murphy,  Claire Hickman), UW Instructional Media Services, 1987.


   Shadows  of Turkey (Documentary using Karagöz as a vehicle  for surveying  Turkish culture.)   Script and introduction  by  Walter Andrews.  Produced by Karen Murphy. UW Instructional Media Services, 1987.


 He Who Writes…: An Interview with Orhan Pamuk, Univ. of Washington, 1997.




 Numerous reviews of books in Turkish, Arabic, and Persian in such journals and other media as,  Books Abroad, World Literature Today, JAOS, IJMES, MEJ, Iranian Studies, MESA Bulletin, Seattle  TIMES. 




      Organized  Workshop  on  Teaching Near  Eastern  Literature, MESA, 1972.


      Associate Investigator,  NEH (RO-7164-73-370,  Arabic Script Publications Project), 1972--1973.


      Co-founder and co-editor of the journal  Edebiyat,  published by  the Middle East Center,  University  of  Pennsylvania,  1976--1991.


 Literature Review Editor, MESA Bulletin, 1978--1982. Editorial Board,  IJMES, 1979--1984.


 Delegate-at-large,   American  Research Institute in  Turkey, 1981--1982.


      Editor, MESA Bulletin, Fall 1979--Spring 1980.


      Turkish  Literature  representative,  MESA State of the  Art Project, 1973--1976.


      Program Committee, MESA, 1975--76.


      Local Arrangements Committee, MESA, 1981.


      Manuscript Reviews: University of Texas Press, University of California Press, SUNY press.


      External   Review  Committee  for  the  Department  of  Oriental Studies, University of Pennsylvania, (1979)


      Turkish Studies Association Board of Trustees, 1984--1986.


      Turkish Studies Association Nominating Committee, 1987.


      American Association of Teachers of Turkish, Board, 1985--1989.


      American  Association  of  Teachers of  Turkish,  Word  List Project Committee, Computer Standards Committee, Pony Texts Committee, 1986--1990.


  Founder and Director of  OTEP/OTAP/OHD (The Ottoman Text Edition, Ottoman Texts Archive, and Ottoman Historical Dictionary Projects):  these are projects to assist scholars in applications of computer technology to the edition of Ottoman texts and the development of a computer database of Ottoman poetry, and an associated historical dictionary of the Ottoman language.  1989--present.


  External Review Committee, Ohio State University Department of Judaic and Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, 1991.


 Editorial Board of the new  EDEBIYAT 1993--2001.


Honorary Editor:  Journal of Turkish Literature (Bilkent University).


Editorial Board,  Yeni Yaklaşımlar.