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Announcing release 2.0 of Salsa.

Salsa is a parallel, interactive analysis tool for N-body and SPH simulations. It's composed of two pieces, a server running in parallel on the back end, and a Java client running on your local machine. Our current implementation uses a script to automagically start and connect to the server when you fire up the client.

Interactive rotations are enabled across high latency networks by creating a 3D ``Impostor'' which can be rendered on a GL capable workstation. Analysis scripts can be written in an extension of python. The graphical Java client can be used to interactively select, display and analyze subsets of the data.

Salsa is built on the Charm++ parallel programming system, and utilizes its client-server communication and python scripting capabilities.

Salsa is being released under the Gnu Public License (GPL). A copy can be downloaded from our software distribution site. Salsa requires version 6.2.0 of Charm++ available from the UIUC PPL download site.

For more information on obtaining, building and running Salsa, please see the Wiki documentation. Help can also be requested from the mailing list To subscribe to the list, visit the mailman page. Bugs and feature requests can be submitted to our issue tracker.

The development of Salsa was supported by the NASA AISR program. Contributors to the program include Graeme Lufkin, Tom Quinn, Orion Lawlor, Dain Harmon, Charlotte Christensen, Greg Stinson, Celso Mendes, Joachim Stadel and James Wadsley.

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