VIEWGAS(1)                TIPSY COMMANDS               VIEWGAS(1)


       viewgas - plot particles according to gas values


       viewgas plot_type min max [clip]




       viewgas  plots  the gas particles colored according to the
       gas property specified by plot_type.  Plot_type is one  of
       rho  (gas density), logrho (log of gas density), temp (gas
       temperature), logtemp (log gas temperature), pressure (gas
       pressure),  logpressure  (log  gas pressure), entropy (gas
       entropy)  galaxies  (gas  density  in  galaxies,  assuming
       galactic  gas is below a minimum temperature), loggalaxies
       (log of the above), xraylum (x-ray luminosity), logxraylum
       (log  x-ray  luminosity),  divv  (divergence of velocity),
       bulkvisc (bulk viscosity), logbulkvisc (log  bulk  viscos-
       ity),  jeans  (Jeans'  mass),  logjeans (log Jeans' mass),
       smooth  (smoothing  length)   logsmooth   (log   smoothing
       length),  cooling  (cooling rate), logcooling (log cooling
       rate), logheating (log heating rate), meanmwt (mean molec-
       ular  weight),  hneutral (neutral hydrogen density), logh-
       neutral (log neutral  hydrogen  density),  hfrac  (neutral
       hydrogen  fraction),  loghfrac (log neutral hydrogen frac-
       tion), formstar (star formation  rate),  logformstar  (log
       star  formation rate).  min and max determine the value of
       the minimum and maximum color, respectively.

       clip can be either cliplo, clipup, or clipboth to suppress
       plotting  particles  either  below  the minimum, above the
       maximum, or both.



Katz and Quinn Release 2.022 MARCH 1994                VIEWGAS(1)

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