READMARK(1)               TIPSY COMMANDS              READMARK(1)


       readmark - read indices of marked particles from a file


       readmark filename


       readmark  reads  the  indices of marked particles from the
       file filename.  The file filename must be an  ascii  file.
       The first line in the file is:

              ntotal, ngas, nstar

       where ntotal is the total number of particles, ngas is the
       number of gas particles, ndark is the number of dark  mat-
       ter  particles, and nstar is the number of star particles.
       Every additional line should contain the index of a marked
       particle (particle's indices start with one) in increasing
       numerical order.

       Marked particles appear green in plots.   Particles  in  a
       particular box can be unmarked using the unmarkbox command
       and all the marked particles can  be  unmarked  using  the
       unmarkall  command.   Particles  remain marked even when a
       new time frame is loaded.  Particles can  also  be  marked
       using   the  markarray,  markbox,  and  markgal  commands.
       Statistics about marked particles can be determined  using
       the markstat command. Marked particles can be written to a
       file using the writemark command.


       markarray(1),   markbox(1),    markgal(1),    markstat(1),
       unmarkall(1), unmarkbox(1), writemark(1)

KQ Release 2.0            22 MARCH 1994               READMARK(1)

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