Qual Solutions

These are solutions to selected questions from past Qualifying Exams for the Department of Physics at the University of Washington. For the most part, the questions themselves are duplicated in these solutions. However, they do not include figures or explicit diagrams. The original questions and solutions provided by the question's author are available from the Graduate Student Assistant in the Physics Department. While these questions are taken from the University of Washington's exams, they may be of use to students preparing for the qual at other institutions.

These solutions are maintained by Graeme Lufkin. The solutions are more-or-less complete. That is, most solutions are complete, with reasoned explanations to all parts of the questions, while a few problems are incomplete or rely on dubious reasoning. You have been warned! If you would like to contribute solutions to this archive, please try and format them similarly to the ones provided below, and attach them to an email to me. To aid in formatting, you can download a qual solution template. Just change the subject, year, and maintainer, and fill in the rest. If you would like, you can download an archive of all available solutions.

The files below are in both LaTeX source and PostScript form. If you just want to read them, download the PostScript. The PostScript is formatted for American letter paper: A4 users beware! If you want to fix errors or figure out how I formatted some equation, get the LaTeX. They are quite straightforward, with no fancy addons required. If for some reason your installation of latex does not have the file fullpage.sty you can download it right here. Please do not email me with LaTeX questions, figure them out for yourself.

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