3e12 Msol galaxy forming in cosmological context Stinson et al. IMMW test galaxy 1e11 Msol galaxy with maximum (1e51 ergs) SN feedback.
Isolated 1e9 Msol galaxy shows episodes of star formation


Full resolution versions of papers about GASOLINE's star formation and feedback can be found at the following links:


The following are links to large multipage gzipped postscript files that contain the star formation rate and Schmidt Law plots corresponding to a wide range of parameters and resolutions.

β Model

c* varies Tmax varies ρmin converging flow β/c* combination ESN varies
β varies τCSO GalGov recipe Minimum smoothing Initial star mass

Blastwave Model

c* varies c* varies (sm. energy smooth) ESN varies ESN varies (sm. energy smooth)
live halo SF times softening varies