Tom Quinn's Home Page

Tom Quinn's home page.

Tom is a professor in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Tom leads the N-Body Shop, where he works on running and analyzing N-body simulations of structure formation in the Universe. His other research interests include Galactic and Solar System dynamics, and planet formation. He is a member of the UW Astrobiology program. He is also involved in developing scientific software for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and chairs the Solar System working group

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    He regularly teaches the graduate Stellar Dynamics course, the graduate Magneto-Hydrodynamics course, Origins of the Solar System, the undergraduate Cosmology course and a course on Numerical Methods for Astrophysics.

    Here are a couple of cool movies to look at:

  • Evolution of structure in a low Omega Universe.
  • Formation of a cluster of galaxies, showing the dark matter. (low res mpeg)
    email:, phone: 206-685-9009, and fax: 206-685-0403