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  • Chamberlin, J. W., T. E. Essington, J. W. Ferguson, and T. P. Quinn. 2011. The influence of hatchery rearing practices on salmon migratory behavior:  Is the tendency of Chinook salmon to remain within Puget Sound affected by size and date of release? Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 140: 1398-1408.
  • Seamons, T. R., L. Hauser, K. A. Naish, and T. P. Quinn. 2012. Can interbreeding of wild and artificially propagated animals be prevented by using broodstock selected for a divergent life history? Evolutionary Applications 5: 705-719.
  • Anderson, J. H., P. Faulds, W.I. Atlas, and T.P. Quinn. 2013. Reproductive success of captively bred and naturally spawned Chinook salmon colonizing newly accessible habitat.  Evolutionary Applications 6: 165-179.
  • Cunningham, C. J., G. T. Ruggerone, and T. P. Quinn. 2013. Size-selectivity of predation by brown bears depends on the density of their sockeye salmon prey. American Naturalist 181: 663-673.
  • Kendall, N. W. and T. P. Quinn. 2013. Size-selective fishing affects sex ratios and the opportunity for sexual selection in Alaskan sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka. Oikos 122: 411-420.

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sockeye salmonMy group works on the behavior, ecology, evolution, and conservation of fishes.  Most of our work is conducted on salmon, trout and char, investigating such topics as migratory behavior and homing, habitat requirements, factors affecting reproductive success, evolution of populations, straying and population expansion, and trophic ecology.  Our research blends a variety of field techniques including tagging, telemetry, direct observations, and a variety of sampling techniques with laboratory experiments and analysis of long-term datasets.


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Quinn, TP. 2005. The behavior and ecology of Pacific salmon and trout. Univ. Press, Seattle. 320 p.

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