High-performance captive-bred Harris's hawks for sale

Contact: Toby Bradshaw <baywingdb@comcast.net>

Vici in full stoop, photo by Jenn CoulsonMy breeding pair contains the best jackrabbit hawk I have ever flown -- Vici.  Vici is paired with Xenon (son of Isis and Zippy) to produce the 6th generation of selectively-bred Harris's hawks.  I sent Vici's parents, Shadow and Chaco, to Tom and Jenn Coulson so that they can produce more offspring like Vici. Shadow has caught more than 500 jackrabbits in her career (including 5 100-kill seasons, and 4 100-jack seasons). But Vici is even better than Shadow, with a single-season jackrabbit total of 124 (black-tailed, white-tailed, and antelope jackrabbits) in 2010.  See the photo (by Jenn Coulson) of Vici in a full stoop in Wyoming -- this kind of flying produces kills on impact, and is very impressive to watch, as well as effective.  Please contact me after reading the terms of sale.

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