UW Exploration Seminar in Peru

From Andes to Amazon: Biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability

An ecological and cultural exploration from the high mountains to the rainforests of southeastern Peru

Program Directors: Ursula Valdez and Tim Billo

Dates of instruction:
search: http://www.washington.edu/studyabroad/ for current dates and details

Testimonial from a past participant:  "Overall the trip was fantastic.  For anyone who is interested in biology, ecology, and conservation, it definitely succeeds in hitting all of those bases.  I gained a great cultural understanding of Peru, as well as a better approach for sustainability in my everyday life.  I learned a great deal of knowledge about Peruvian biodiversity and ecology that would never be the same if it was read out of a book.  A lot of the knowledge I gained was priceless, and I am taking away a lot of amazing experiences from this trip."