About Me

Earned my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, with focus on scientific and industrial application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in field of Fluids and (Renewable) Energy, from University of Washington in Seattle.
My reserach work supported by NNMREC, a DOE foundened renewable energy center, led into development of 5+ validated CFD methodology for design and analysis of Wind and Marine turbines and their potential envirenmental effect. These validated methodologies area being used and cited by numerous other researchers and scientists of the field (check them here).
Currently, I am leading the SFO-Project with a group of national and international scientists and engineers in field of CFD. This project is registered by UW CoMotion and is under it's way of commercialization.


You can reach me at most of the social networking websites. The goal is to reach out to anyone out there to collaborate, share and learn together.


You can also learn about my research at: