Visual Pigments 

The structure of visual pigments

There are at least two visual pigments, P521 and P467 present in the outer segments of gecko photoreceptor cells. Both have been cloned and well characterized by our lab and other collaborators (Dr. T. Yoshizawa and Dr. J. Lewis). The sequence comparison indicates that P467 is similar to other rod visual pigments and P521 is similar to the long wavelength cone pigments. Below is the 2-D model for P521/P467 generated by Li Tang:
2-D Sstructure of gecko pigments Click to see a larger image of the 2-D structure of gecko visual pigments

A theoretical model of the three dimensional structure has been established based on the 9 ª projection map of bovine rhodopsin and other experimental data from mutagenesis and cross-linking method. The new model differs from the ones which have so far been reported on many points and is consisten with a wider range of experimantal results. Click here to see the refined helical wheel model for gecko P521 pigment or bovine rhodopsin.

The kinetics of photobleaching of rhodopsin

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The surface charge and chloride binding of gecko visual pigments

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