The Yeast Cell Cycle


The cell cycle of yeast. 

DNA is shown in red, microtubules are green, the spindle pole body is magenta, the cell outline is blue.  D.W. Hailey, T. N. Davis and E. G. D. Muller, Yeast Resource Center and Department of Biochemistry, University of Washington.  Reprinted from Methods in Cell Biology, Vol. 67, Centrosomes and Spindle Pole Bodies, R.E. Palazzo and T. N. Davis, eds, cover photo. 

In a DAM1-765 mutant, the kinetochores are not attached to the plus-ends of the microtubules.


A yeast cell carrying the DAM1-765 mutation.

In this mutant, the kinetochores are found in a tight cluster near the spindle pole bodies, but the microtubule plus-ends are distributed along the spindle. Spindle pole bodies are shown in red, kinetochores are shown in green and the microtubules are shown in blue. The enlarged spindle is a tomogram of a metaphase spindle from the DAM1-765 mutant. This figure was created by E. Muller using a tomogram built by Erin White at the Boulder Lab for 3D Imaging. See Shimogawa et al., 2006 for more details.