Statistical Genetics Training Program (StatGen)


The Statistical Genetics (StatGen) Training program has been providing interdisciplinary training in statistics and genetics for highly talented predoctoral students at the University of Washington for more than a decade. Technological advancements in genetics and genomics have lead to a wealth of data, facilitating a fundamental change in the landscape of biomedical research. A new generation of scientists who have a strong foundation in statistics as well as interdisciplinary training in genetics is urgently needed to effectively analyze and interpret these data. The primary goal of the StatGen traiing program is to equip a new generation of researchers with the necessary skills to work at the interface of statistics and genetics for biomedical genetic research of today and the future.

The StatGen program draws students from four  PhD programs at the University of Washington: Biostatistics, Statistics, Genome Sciences, and Institute for Public Health Genetics .  Students enrolled in the program will

  • complete the program curriculum that consists of four core courses: a two-course sequence in statistical genetics and two courses in genomics

  • select and be paired with a world-class research mentor in the training program and conduct research in the lab of the mentor

  • be fully engaged in the collaborative and multidisciplinary scientific environment for biomedical research in genetics at the University of Washington, providing them with extensive knowledge about cutting-edge biomedical research in genetics.

The Statistical Genetics Training program is funded by an NIH/NIGMS T32 Training Grant: T32 GM081062