Last updated 15 December 2015

  1. GENESIS: GENetic EStimation and Inference in Structured samples (GENESIS)

    Software available from Bioconductor with statistical methods for analyzing genetic data from samples with population structure and/or relatedness

  2. REAP: Relatedness Estimation in Admixed Populations

    NEW: Version 1.1 just released (January 8, 2013)!

    Thornton T, Tang H, Hoffman TJ, Ochs-Balcom HM, Baan BJ, and Risch N (2012) "Estimating Kinship in Admixed Populations", American Journal of Human Genetics 91: 122-138.

  3. MQLX_XM: Autosomal and X-chromosome association testing of a binary trait in case-control samples with related individuals

    NEW: Version 1.0 just released!

  4. MQLS: More powerful case-control association test of a binary trait in samples that contain related individuals

    Version 1.5 released March 2011

    Thornton T., McPeek M. S. "Case-Control Association Testing with Related Individuals: A More Powerful Quasi-Likelihood Score Test" (2007) American Journal of Human Genetics 81:321-337

  5. ROADTRIPS: Case-Control Association Testing with Partially or Completely Unknown Population and Pedigree Structure

    Version 2.0 released November 2013

    Thornton T., McPeek M. S. "ROADTRIPS: case-control association testing with partially or completely unknown population and pedigree structure" (2010) American Journal of Human Genetics 86:172-184.