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University of Washington (maps of the campus)

Restaurants and hotels nearby

Note:  There are many references here to "The Ave" - this is the street officially known as University Way, which runs parallel to the western edge of the campus.  Locally, it is called "The Ave".  (maps of the campus)

Agua Verde - website - inexpensive, excellent Southwestern/Mexican restaurant on the campus waterfront, next to the Health Sciences; usually crowded in the evenings.  Lunch and dinner.  1303 NE Boat Street; 206.545.8570

Atlas Foods - website - excellent informal restaurant in University Village (next to the campus), serving burgers and and well-prepared entrees such as roast chicken and meatloaf.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner; 2675 NE Village Lane, 206.522.6025

Blue C Sushi - website - excellent, unusual sushi restaurant in University Village (next to the campus), in which the sushi selections circulate around a large restaurant via a conveyor belt.  Lunch and dinner. 4601 26th Ave NE (in University Village); 206.525.4601

Ciao Bella (no website) - outstanding Italian restaurant located about a half-mile directly east of the campus.  Dinner only. 3626 NE 45th Street, Seattle; 206.524.6989

Delfino's Pizza - website - Chicago-style pizza in a small restaurant in University Village (next to the campus). Lunch and dinner, and limited delivery. 206.522.3466

Marlai Thai - website - outstanding Thai food, reasonably priced, located about a half-mile directly west of the campus.  Lunch and dinner. 3719 NE 45th Street; 206.523.3200 

Pagliacci Pizza - website - excellent thin-crust pizza and salads, with a location on "The Ave" (University Way) and many locations throughout Seattle.  Extensive delivery throughout the area.  4529 University Way NE; for all deliveries: 206.726.1717

Piatti - website - Italian restaurant in University Village (near the campus).  Lunch and dinner.  2695 NE Village Lane; 206.524.9088

Starbucks Coffee - website - two are in University Village, one is on "The Ave," and they truly are ubiquitous in Seattle, along with many other fine coffee vendors.  The original Starbucks store is open in Pike Place Market.

Favorite restaurants of the Department of Mathematics, including several on "The Ave".


College Inn - website - near the western edge of the campus and near the lower end of "The Ave" (University Way), lined with many student-oriented restaurants and shops.  206.633.4441

Hotel Deca - website - a high-end hotel near the campus (previously known as the Meany Tower Hotel), a few blocks west of the main campus entrance, near "The Ave" (University Way).  1.800.899.0251

Silver Cloud Inn - website - close to the eastern edge of the campus, and next to University Village, an extensive shopping center with restaurants.  206.526.5200

Watertown Hotel - website - a few blocks west of the campus, near "The Ave."  866.944.4242  or 206.826.4242

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