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Divine Yoga Institute, Satyananda Yoga, Kathmandu Nepal

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The Yoga Passport Program

The Yoga Passport Program is designed to provide  comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga with regards to its various aspects i.e. Asana (posture), Pranayama (breath control), Mudra (psychic gesture), Bandha (psychic locks), Shatkarma (yogic cleansing), Vishrama (Relaxation), Dharana (Concentration) and Dhyana (Meditation).

Mr. Thakur Krishna Uprety (Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop) has designed and developed Yoga Passport primarily for the Divine Yoga Institute and its students.

This program is for individuals and groups who are highly motivated to learn and practice yoga in a scientific way and are ready to sincerely apply it for a happy, healthy life and tension-free living.

Personalized yogic training is offered based to the physical condition, age, personal requirements and limitations of the student.

The Yoga Passport Program includes intensive, one and one-half hour practical sessions for over two to three months. The student progresses through seven levels of yoga practice during the course. The program integrates all aspects of yoga needed by individuals with busy lives and engaged in various worldly activities.


  • You will have a good theoretical and practical understanding of yoga, its importance and relevance of practical application in your daily life for your happy, healthy and harmonious living.
  • After a few weeks of regular practice, you will definitely feel and experience positive changes on your physical, mental and emotional levels i.e. light body, freshness of mind, relaxed emotions and efficiency in your working activities, dynamism.
  • If you have any general physical problems or diseases, the yogic practice you receive will be tailored to your specific problem. Many of the problems will simply disappear as the result of regular and proper practice of yoga.
  • Depending upon your need of a particular practice and the length of time available for you each day, you will be able  to design the program as you like.
  • This program will also help interested participants qualify themselves for yoga teacher training.

Divine Yoga Institute also offers Yoga Passport Teacher Training upon request for successful graduates of the Yoga Passport Program.

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