Divine Yoga Institute, Satyananda Yoga, Kathmandu Nepal

Om Shivam Satyam Niranjanam

Directions from airport or city

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Way to Divine Yoga Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal
Detail -- Way to Divine Yoga Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal

DYI is close to the New Baneswar (Kathmandu)
end of Shankhamul Bridge.

Walk fifteen minutes south of the main
New Baneswar intersection
(see Google map).

It is very near Kadambari Memorial College,
a landmark most taxi drivers will know.

Directions from Patan
Cross the Sankhamul Bridge.
(Cars canít cross the bridge, bikes can.)
Turn right at the third street.
 Follow Ganesh Marga to DYI.

Directions from Kathmandu Airport or Kathmandu City
Ask the driver to take you to Kadambari Memorial College in New Baneswar.
It is about 4 km (3 mi) and the trip from the airport should take 10-20 minutes,
depending on traffic.
(see Google map)
From the College, walk or drive straight ahead about 25 meters,
you will see a black gate on your left.
Enter through the black gate and walk ahead 15 meters,
Divine Yoga Institute is on the right - a two-storied house  of orange brick.

Divine Yoga Institute, Satyananda Yoga
Ganesh Marga, House 321/42
Shankhamul, New Baneswar

Postal address:
Divine Yoga Institute
GPO Box 24138
New Baneswar--34, Kathmandu

Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop
(Thakur Krishna Uprety)

e-mail   divineyoga@hotmail.com or



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