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A letter from Bob in Taiwan

Dear Upretyji,

It was nice to hear from you.

I have been wanting to write to you since March. However, I realized that nothing I have to say will surprise you.

But since other students may wish to hear about my experiences, I will share them with you briefly here. Since I returned to Taiwan, I have practiced faithfully the program you gave me in Kathmandu. Here are some of the results:

1. My body changed drastically in the first three weeks of daily practice. My digestive system began to function much better--and much faster. I was thirsty more often than I was before, so I drank more water than usual. I cut my normal caffeine (tea) intake in half.

2. My stamina improved--mental and physical. As a translator, I need intense concentration for extended periods of time, every day.

3. I lost one or two inches from my waist, but I didn't lose any weight. My arms and legs have filled out. I realized that after engaging in sports for the first 30 years of my life, over the past 20 years, I had lost all my muscle tone.

4. I also realized how much flexibility I had lost over the years. I started to enjoy new freedom of movement. I get surprising pleasure out of bending down to pick things up, or tie my shoes.

5. My lower back is much stronger. My posture is better.

6. I have more peace, and feel less stress from day-to-day, which benefits everyone around me.

I was so excited after the first few weeks that I wanted to write and tell you these things. But I also know that the easiest thing in the world is to make fast progress for a few weeks...and then stop. Fortunately, the benefits have been so dramatic that I have continued to practice. I learn something about changes taking place in my body just about every day. There's always something, some new discovery, and all I have to do is devote one hour a day. I have never been a "morning person," but now I can hardly imagine leaving for work without practicing yoga first. I enjoy it.

And I realize this is just the beginning. I'm still doing the same Foundation Practices and Preliminary Practices that we studied in February, in the same order, using the same method. I have started to think about finding a local teacher of the Bihar school--or going back to Kathmandu to study with you again. But until then, I plan to continue practicing, and perfecting what you taught me in Patan.

For all this, I thank you.

Please do give my regards to your wife. And Bhola. I am still shocked at how good his English is!

Warm regards,


PS--I would be happy to correspond with any of your students, or prospective students.

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