Undergraduate Courses

ANTH/GWSS 353: Feminist Anthropology
Previously Anthropological Studies of Women; next offered in 2015-16.
Explores the history and contemporary practice of feminist ethnography at the interdisciplinary intersection of anthropology and gender studies. Examines how the inclusion of women, as subjects and researchers, has influenced anthropological knowledge production; and how the cross-cultural imperative of anthropology has influenced understandings of gender, sexuality, and race.

ANTH 429: Expressive Culture

ANTH 442/SISA 442/GWSS 446: Global Asia
Next offered in 2015-16.

ANTH 469/SISEA 490: Rural-Urban Encounters in China

GWSS 290: Feminist Art and Visual Culture in a Global Perspective
To be offered as ANTH/GWSS 235: Global Feminist Art in Spring 2015.
Introduces feminism as way of thinking about visual art practice in terms of social hierarchy, aesthetic form, and ideology. Explores how feminist artists working in diverse locations and cultural traditions challenge, at the local and global level, artistic conventions and representations of gender, sexuality, race, class, and nationality. Fulfills: VLPA; I&S

GWSS 305: Feminism in an International Context

GWSS 300: Race, Class, and Gender

GWSS 494: Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies Capstone

Graduate Courses

GWSS 503: Feminist Research & Methods of Inquiry
Offered every year as part of the GWSS graduate core course sequence. I will teach this course next in Spring 2015.

GWSS 526: The Study of Lives in Feminist Research: Narrative & Visual Approaches

Courses in Development

ANTH/GWSS 4XX/5XX: Gender & Sexuality in China 
To be offered in Winter 2015.

ANTH 4XX/5XX: Visual Ethnography Studio
To be offered in 2015-16.