In the World

Tami Blumenfield (Anthropology PhD, Committee Member)
Scenes from Yongning: Media Creation in China’s Na Villages, 2010
Tami joined the faculty of Portland State University as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Asian Studies for the 2010-2011 academic year. Beginning in Fall 2011, she will teach in the Sociology and Anthropology department of Lewis and Clark College in Portland.

Chiyoung Cha (Nursing PhD, Graduate Student Representative)
Health and Health Promotion among Korean Goose Mothers, 2010
Chiyoung began teaching at Ewha Womans University in Seoul in September 2010.

Natalie Chin (China Studies MA, Committee Member)
Post-1997 Hong Kong Cinema: Quality Service and Quality Cinema, 2007

Andrea Descoteaux Hugg (Museology MA, Committee Member)
Post-Nüxing Yishu: The Rise of Contemporary Artists in China, 2010

Leak Koskimaki (Anthropology PhD, Committee Member)
Youth Publics and Embodied Politics: Genealogies of Development Aspiration in North Indian Hill Towns, 2011
From 2011-2013, Leah is a research postdoc at the National Institute of Advanced Studies Bangalore on a project titled “Provincial Globalisation: The Impact of Reverse Transnational Flows in India’s Regional Towns.”

Mariana Markova (Anthropology PhD, Committee Member)
Living through the Fall of Communism: Life Narratives of the Last Soviet Generation, 2010

Erin Murphy (International Studies and Public Policy MA, Committee Member/Digital Advisor)
Kenyan Visual Artists as Human Rights Actors, 2011

Rebecca Ruhlen (Anthropology PhD, Committee Member)
South Korean Feminist Activism: Gender, Middle-classness, and Public/Private Discourse in 1990s Civil Society, 2007