Honors Students

Matthew Conte (Anthropology BA)
“Living Away from Home: Identity Formation, Negotiation, and Expression in the Context of Diasporan Travel to the Korean Homeland,” 2006

Jiadai Dong (International Studies BA)
“Regimes of Power: Chinese ‘Body Writing’ and Disciplinary Boundaries within Internet Technology and Literary Expression,” 2011

Genevieve Gebhart (International Studies BA)
“Cultural Vocabularies of Eating and Mourning in Southern Italy: Reflections in Film of Contemporary Eating Disorders and Historical Traumas,” 2013

Adrian Harris (Anthropology BA)
“September 11, 2001: Lower Manhattan, Narrative, and Public Trauma,” 2011

Rose Hatfield (Anthropology BA)
“Other Spaces, Other Places: Anime and Manga Fandom and the Place called ‘Japan,’” 2009

Calla Hummel (International Studies BA)
Tenho Meus Ideas é Não Posso Ficar Calada*: Riot Grrrl in Brazilian Civil Society,” 2008
*“I have my ideas and I can’t stay quiet,” the chorus of a song entitled “Revolução Mental” by Brazilian band Inkoma.