Global Asia

Global Asia: ANTH 442 | SISA 442 | WOMEN 446 has been newly added to the time schedule for Autumn 2010.

  • Are you interested in the relationship between globalization and Asia?
  • Do you want to learn more about how historical and contemporary global movements of people, things, and ideas matter in everyday lives?
  • Do you care about questions of equality and social justice in a transnational context?

This interdisciplinary course—cross-listed in Anthropology, Asian Studies, and Women Studies—uses a feminist lens to examine how Asia as a region has been constructed through multiple global, and usually gendered, interactions, including imperialism, revolutionary anti-colonialism, travel and tourism, transnational labor and markets, and globalizing forms of popular culture. Our sites of inquiry range from the factory floor to the hip hop club, from international politics to intimate family relations. Students collectively create an on-line Global Asia Illustrated Compendium of Keywords and gain knowledge along the way about how to use the following digital tools for academic purposes: WordPress, Zotero, and Google Maps.

Global Asia satisfies the Women Studies major requirement for an upper division course focusing on transnational questions and perspectives.

For more information, see the course website. The course website will be updated for Autumn 2010 by the end of August. Check back then for the latest.

Full image captions: “A Modern Girl’s Belongings,” manga illustration, 1928; “Night of Celebration,” PRC propaganda poster (detail), 1964; Kohei Japan, kabuki woodblock CD jacket (detail), 2000.

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