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Science and Technology

B CHEM 142 General Chemistry I

BST 325 Mind and Matter

BST 445 Political Economy of Energy

BST 446 Sustainable Energy

Interdisciplinary Arts  and Science Courses

BIS 250 Motion and Mechanics

BIS 251 Electricity and Invention

BIS 282 Globalization

BISSTS 307 Science, Technology, and Society

BISGST 320 Comparative Political Economy

BIS 332 Rise of East Asia (formerly Pacific Century)

BIS 355 History of Science and Technology

BISGST 362 Political Ideas and Ideologies

BISGST 400 Modern Japan

BIS 411 Biotechnology and Society
BIS 421 Science and Technology Policy

Special Topics

Economic Growth

Technology and Globalization

University Studies

B CUSP 110 Engineering in the 21st Century (DC I: The Natural World)

B CUSP 188 Topics in Asian Cultures