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About Representing Syntax and Meter

The Opening Sentence
Fig. 1. Beowulf, ll. 1-3

Variation, Paratactic Predications, and Ellipsis
Fig. 2. Beowulf, ll. 4-7a

A Metrical-Syntactical Unit
Fig. 3. Beowulf, ll. 7b-11

Variation and Parataxis
Fig. 4. Beowulf, l. 529, and others like it

Drama in the Handling of Variation (A Request)
Fig. 5. Beowulf, ll. 344-47

Drama in the Handling of Variation (A Response)
Fig. 6. Beowulf, ll. 350b-55

Simple Pragmatics
Fig. 7. Beowulf, ll. 381b-84a

Chiasmus and Suspension
Fig. 8. Beowulf, ll. 636b-38

Variation, Coordination, and Ellipsis (I)
Fig. 9. Beowulf, ll. 2510-18a

Variation, Coordination, and Ellipsis (II)
Fig. 10. Beowulf, ll. 2341b-44

Incremental Repetition, Expansion, and Deletion
Fig. 11. Beowulf, ll. 853-56a

The Closing Sentence
Fig. 12. Beowulf, ll. 3178-82

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