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Readings for Week 3: Forests and Forest Products in Washington

This week we will talk about forests as sources of energy and ecosystem services, as well as read about the history, culture, and forestry of the Yakama Nation, in preparation for the Saturday, April 16 field trip.

Tuesday, April 12

Today we look in detail at the forests of eastern Washington, including those now managed by the Yakama Nation that we will visit on our field trip, in Paul F. Hessburg and James K. Agee's An environmental narrative of Inland Northwest United States Forests, 1800-2000. It's long, but its pretty easy reading; no equations!

In class, we will have a guest expert, Dr. Keala Hagmann, who has worked extensively in the Eastside forests of the Pacific Northwest. She will discuss current issues in Pacific Northwest dry side forests, and answer questions that you have posted. By 7:00 p.m on Monday, April 13 (so Dr. Hagmann will have some heads-up time), please post two questions you would like to hear Dr. Hagmann answer in her visit to our class.

Thursday, April 16

Today we turn our attention to uses of a particular forest--again, wood, energy, and ecosystem services, pointing toward our Yakama field trip. First learn something about the Yakama Nation and about Indian forestry: In class, we will have another guest, Steve Rigdon, a member of the Yakama Nation and a former graduate student student at UW, who will help me introduce how these components fit together as the Yakama Nation manages its forests for timber, non-timber products, ecosystem services, and cultural value. Mr. Rigdon will also be our guide on the Saturday April 16 field trip. We will go over preparations for the trip in class also.