Instructor: Stevan Harrell
Professor of Anthropology
Curator of Asian Ethnology, Burke Museum
Office visits by appointment: e-mail me.

Lead Teaching Assistant: Larkin Hood

Teaching Assistants:
Aksel Casson Denny 406, T 10-11
Christina Giovas Denny 443, W 10-11
Stephanie Jolivette Denny 406 M 1-2
Leila Sievanen Denny 433, Monday 10:30-11:30
Megan Styles Denny 433, Th 11:45-1:30

Anthropology 100 is designed to introduce you to the study of anthropology through a series of projects relating the subject matter of anthropology to your own environment and your own life. We study the way human nature relates to culture by examining the origin of human beings, our relationships to other primates, our use of language, and the ways we form groups and communities of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, class, and nation.

The content of the class is divided into weekly units, each consisting of

Class Requirements and Grading Policies
Class Schedule, Readings, and Assignments