Steig Research Group

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Eric Steig

Professor. PHD, University of Washington, 1996. UW faculty since 2001. Climate and paleoclimate, glaciology, isotope geochemistry.


Andrew Schauer

Lab manager and technician extraordinaire. M.S. University of Denver. Current Research: Advanced techniques in isotope geochemistry, and helping the rest of us with just about everything. Some of Andy's publications can be found on the Δ*IsoLab web site.

Mira Berdahl

Postdoctoral researcher. PhD, Atmospheric Science, Rutgers University. Postdoc, LANL. Current research: Quantifying uncertainties in Antarctic sea level rise using the Community Ice Sheet Model.



Lindsey Davidge

Graduate Student. B.S. in Chemical Engineering and B.S. in Environmental Science, University of Rochester. Current research: Ice-core continuous-flow analysis techniques.

Jessica Badgeley

Graduate Student. B.A. Geology, Colorado College. NSF Graduate Fellowship. Current research: Data assimilation for pasleoclimate and past ice sheets. Co-advised by Greg Hakim, Atmospheric Sciences.

Gemma O'Connor

Graduate Student. B.S. Industrial Engineering, Georgia Tech. NSF Graduate Fellowship. Current research: Paleoclimate data assimilation, and site selection for the Hercules Dome project.

Andrew Pauling

Graduate Student. M.S. Physics, Univerity of Otago. Fulbright New Zealand Science and Innovation Award. UW Program on Climate Change Graduate Fellowship. Current research: Paleoclimate and isotope modeling. Co-advised by Cecilia Bitz, Atmospheric Sciences.



Peter Neff

Postdoctoral researcher. PhD Victoria University of Wellington. Current Research: Ice core geochemistry, coastal ice cores from Antarctica and British Columbia. Now research Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota.


Emma Kahle

Graduate Student. Successfully defended PHD on February 5th 2020. B.A. Earth Science and Astrophysics, Columbia University. UW Program on Climate Change Graduate Fellowship. Current research: South Pole ice core project, inverse methods, firn processes.

Marina Dütsch

Postdoctoral researcher. PHD, ETH Zurich. Modeling stable water isotopes in polar regions with the Community Atmosphere Model. Now at the University of Vienna.


Meredith Hastings, Postdoc, now at Brown University.

Summer Rupper, PHD student, now at University of Utah.

Joel Pedro, Postdoc, now at University of Tasmania.

Ailie Gallant, Postdoc, now at Monash University.

Qinghua Ding, Postdoc, now at University of California Santa Barbara.

Brad Markle, PHD student, recently at Caltech, now Assistant Professor at INSTAAR, University of Colorado.

Spruce Schoenemann, PHD student, now at University of Montana Western.

Lora Koenig, PHD student, now at University of Colorado.

Julia Jarvis, PHD student, now living the good life outside academia.

Shelley Kunasek, PHD student, now at The Seattle Academy.

Joe Flaherty, MS student, now at Boeing.

Mai Winstrup , Postdoc, now at Danish Technical Univeristy.

Kathryn Matthews, MS student, now at Oceana.

Marcel Küttel, postdoc, now at Swiss RE.

David Schneider, PHD, now at NCAR.Website

Chris Yarnes, lab manager, now at UC Davis.