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The Middle English Pricke of Conscience

The Pricke of Conscience is a poem in rhyming four stress couplets composed in northern England sometime around the middle of the 14c.

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III.Online Publications


  1. Northern Version -- 97 MSS
  2. Southern Recension -- 18 MSS
    • BR 3.6 Harley 1731
  3. Speculum huius vite -- A highly abbreviated and altered version of about ll. 3096
    1. S1 - Dublin, Trinity College, 155 (C.5.7), pp. 149-238, xv
    2. S2 - Oxford, Boldleian Library, Additional A 268, ff. 117a-139b, xv
  4. Latin Prose Text
    1. L1 - Cambridge, Magdalene College, F.4.14 (14), ff. 14-31v, xv
    2. L2 - Cambridge, Pembroke College, 273, ff. a4-29vb, xiv
    3. L3 - Cambridge, University Library, Dd.4.50, ff. 57-91, xv
    4. L4 - London, British Library, Harley 106, ff. 138va-vb, 344vb, xv
    5. L5 - Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 159, ff. 161a-179a, xv
    6. L6 - Oxford, Merton College, 68, ff. 74vb-88va, xv

II. Resources/CONTENTS

  1. Manuscripts of the Southern Recension -- A test of SIMILE/Exhibit RDF (Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments) - REQUIRES Javascript
  2. Text Analysis Tool -- Examine three (3) MSS [MORRIS, Harley 1731 - BR306, Bodley 423 - BR302] of the Prick of Conscience by line number or term using an online search interface.

III. Online Publications/CONTENTS

  1. A Descriptive Guide to the Manuscripts of the `Prick of Conscience'. Medium Aevum Monographs New Series XII. Oxford. 1982. (CATALOGUE)
  2. The Group III MSS of the 'Pricke of Conscience': The Source of the Southern Recension. Journal of Historical Linguistics and Philosophy. Vol. 1, No. 1. 1983. pp. 9-13. (PDF)
  3. A History of `Pricke of Conscience' Studies. Studia Neophilologica. 55: 147-151. 1983. (CATALOGUE)
  4. Pricke of Conscience Window All Saints Church, North Street, York

    ``The iconography of the next window is unique in European art. It is based on an anonymous Middle English poem called the Pricke of Conscience. The text of the Pricke of Conscience was concerned with the final fifteen days of the world. The window reads from bottom left to top right with each of the final days given a separate panel with a Middle English text that paraphrases the poem … ''

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