Bike trails in general, and the Burke-Gilman bike trail in particular, get a lot of criticism for being too crowded with pedestrians.  For this reason some cyclists dismiss bike trails as unusable for commuting.  Many trails may be unsuitable for commuting, but my experience and that of my fellow commuters on the trail suggests that the Burke-Gilman is not one of them.

To demonstrate that the Burke is not really very crowded during commuting, I took the following series of pictures on a beautiful summer Friday afternoon at about 5pm.  A frame was shot every 2+ minutes (timed by a countdown timer on my watch) as I rode down the trail on my recumbent.  You can see the fairing at the bottom of the photos.  The commute took about 35 minutes to cover the 9 miles, giving me 16 frames.  Since I did not want to publish all of these photos on the Web, I discarded every other frame.  You see here the 8 frames which had the most activity.  I leave it to the viewer to decide whether my commute was overly delayed by excessive slow traffic.

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