Leith Miller

Ph. D. Candidate, Department of Biology, University of Washington 

Measuring morphometrics on Gymnothorax mordax

Growing up on a farm I have always been fascinated by animals. It was through my undergraduate career I became particularly interested in the relationship between form and function in organismal biology. I think it is incredible how much insight can be gained about an organisms behavior and ecology by looking at how it is designed.

Previously I was specifically interested in feeding mechanics by assessing how jaw shape and muscle attachment relates to bite performance in a variety of taxa.  Now as a new graduate student in the Santana lab I hope to expand my research beyond feeding mechanics and investigate morphological diversity as it relates to prey acquisition techniques and resource use in Neotropical bats.

Positions and education

2013-Present: Ph. D. Student, Department of Biology, University of Washington.

2011-2013: Lab Manager, ELVer lab, University of California, Santa Cruz

2010-2012: Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

Contact: leith1”at”uw.edu

Website: http://leithleiser.com/