Katie Stanchak

Ph. D. Candidate, Department of Biology, University of Washington 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have always been interested in form, function, and generally in “how things work.” Accordingly, for the first few years of my career I studied the structure and dynamics of engineered systems. Eventually I realized that I was truly interested in biological systems, especially in the diversity of forms that have resulted from major evolutionary radiations.

As a graduate student in Biology at UW, I will be studying the relationship between morphology and ecology in diverse clades of mammals, and how patterns of biodiversity result from major morphological adaptations. I am particularly interested in how skeletal morphology is indicative of feeding ecology and locomotor behavior, which I plan to investigate using a variety of structural and dynamic analysis techniques.

Positions and education

2010: Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Contact: stanchak”at”uw.edu