Mammal Collection


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The Burke Museum’s mammal collection consists of over 54,000 specimens, which include over 70 species of carnivores, 140 species of bats, 262 species of rodents, 38 species of primates, and 37 species of marine mammals. Even though only a few of our specimens are on view in the museum galleries, these play an important role in research conducted at the Burke and have allowed scientists to uncover many aspects of the ecology and evolution of mammals. The mammal specimens at the Burke represent an extremely valuable resource not only for researchers but also for the public, and they are featured in our Meet the Mammals day at the Museum.

The Mammal Collection offers a variety of opportunities to participate in research projects, volunteering, and aid by giving donations. Please contact Sharlene Santana or Jeff Bradley for more information, or click on the button below.


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