These talented UW undergraduate researchers are investigating diverse aspects of mammal morphology and evolution in the lab:

Current students:
Rhiannon Bates (2014-present)
Kristin Campbell (2014-present)
Emily Cooper (2012-present)
Eline Cove (2015)
Rachel Friedman (2015)
Brie Illarde (2015)
Okoloko Oghenemega (2015)
Sapna Saini (2014-present)

Adrienne Barber (2013)
Erin Bryar (2013)
Doug Charles (2013)
Elena Cheung (2013-2014)
Alyssa Copeland (2014)
Brian Demong (2013)
Marina Hanna (2014)
Blake Hummel (2013)
Neha Kunwar (2014-2015)
Katy Olson (2014)
Delaney Quick (2014)
Daniel Yang (2014-2015)

Interested in joining the lab? Click here


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