Abby Vander Linden

Research Technician

AbbypicAs a recent graduate of the University of Washington’s phenomenal biology department, I am incredibly lucky to work as a lab tech in the Santana Lab. Working in a mammal paleontology lab as an undergrad, I used 3D models to study the evolution of mammalian molars and wrote my thesis on functional constraint in the convergent evolution of blade-like teeth in marsupials. Somewhere along the way I developed an inordinate fondness for mammal teeth, but pretty much any aspect of vertebrate morphology and evolution excites me. Now I get to use the same CT scanning techniques I used to study teeth to make models of bat skulls and muscle tissue for comparative studies of feeding biomechanics.

I firmly believe that evolution is the coolest thing in science, and I’m thrilled to have a job where I can keep exploring the intersection of morphology, ecology, and evolution in modern mammals.

Positions and Education:

2013-Present: Research Technician, Department of Biology. University of Washington.

2009-2013: Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation; Minor in Quantitative Science. University of Washington.

Contact: avanderl”at”


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