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White nose syndrome confirmed in South Carolina and Georgia

Though expected, these are devastating news for North American bats and bat biologists everywhere. White-nose syndrome (WNS), the fungal disease that has already killed 5.7-6.7 million bats in Eastern North America, has been officially confirmed in the states of South Carolina and Georgia. This elevates the count of infected states to 22. With no solutions in sight, WNS continues to threaten the future of many bat species and their important ecological roles.

Bat disease white-nose syndrome confirmed in South Carolina
Bat epidemic hits Georgia, its 22nd state
How to help

A new organ hiding in a whale’s mouth

Thomas J. Ford and collaborators just described the Corpus Cavernosum Maxillaris, a  thermoregulatory/sensory organ in the mouth of bowhead whales. Really amazing discovery!

via The Brain-Chilling, Shrimp-Caressing, Lamppost-Sized, NSFW Organ Hiding In A Whale’s Mouth – Phenomena: The Loom.


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