University of Washington Investment Office

Independent Study Program


Past Students and Topics


Fall 2009

Brittany Trimberger

African and Middle Eastern Capital Markets

Winter 2010

Karen Chang

Chinese Consumer Sector – Security Analysis

Spring 2010

Peter Bell

US Power Sector, analysis of two publicly traded independent power producers

Fall 2010

Brad Chryst

Investment Exposure to India and Brazil: Market Analysis of Branded Retail

Winter 2011

Ting Ye

Forecasting Crude Oil Prices and the value of Exxon Mobil

Spring 2011

Trevor Parris

Overview of Latin American Private Equity Investment

Winter 2012

Kalen Carney

Public Securities Reporting and Regulation in Japan

Spring 2012

Sidd Sheth

Basic and Diversified Chemicals Sector – security analysis of two large chemicals companies

Fall 2012

Xuewei Wen

Mainland China Corporate Bond Market

Winter 2013

Alina Moraru

European and U.S. Small Cap Equity

Spring 2013

Andrew Walbrun

International Listed Real Estate Securities – Overview of Asian REITs

Winter 2014

Chris Walker, Ph.D.

Andean Mining

Winter 2015

Ian Davis

Renewable Fuels

Winter 2016

Li Ma

India’s Financial Sector

Spring 2016

Frank Fangchao Du

Chinese Leasing Industry

Winter 2017

Mike Greene


Winter 2018

John Stewart

Second Derivatives of the Cryptocurrency Market