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Basic Research

UW Library Home Page
Online guide to using UW library resources from research on globalization
Maps of Global Patterns and Interconnections
Znet: For critical, but mainly American sites and blogs on globalization
Yale Global: For global, but mainly elite commentary on globalization
Third World Network: For critical and global commentary on globalization

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Finance (including Occupy Wall St and post 2008 Financial Crisis)

Commentary on 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement

PRO:- Alternet, DNow, Indyt, Occupy Wall St, Occupied WSJ, OccupyColleges, Livestream, MSNBC, Doctors 4 99%, Adbusters, Krugman, Naomi Klein

ANTI:-New York Post, The New York Times, The Seattle Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Police D You Tube, Right Word Clips, Rush Limbaugh

Older articles on the 2008 financial crisis
The Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz on what went wrong
Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin on how the crisis is of much more than neoliberal common-sense
Mike Davis on how the cratering of the economic landscape relates to today's political scene
Walden Bello's review of the crisis as a crisis of neoliberal capitalism
"Asia's Revenge" by Martin Wolf of the FT: A badly titled, but good review of the global financial imbalances that set the scene for the crisis
Robin Blackburn's critical primer on all things subprime (including business class tax evasion through derivatives)
Useful data and graphs from the BBC on the comparative scale of the crisis in different countries
Gary Gorton providing good information on the bad information asymmetries in sub-prime CDOs and SIVs
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff on how a subprime induced crisis compares with other crises
Robert Brenner on the political-economic history of the crisis
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff on how this crisis compares historically
William Greider of The Nation on what is wrong with the bail-out
Naomi Klein on how the bailout has been mismanged
A radical review of the crisis from the editors of Monthly Review
Naomi Klein talking with Bill Maher on the 'shock market'
Questioning the Treasury’s $700 Billion Blank Check: An Open Letter to Secretary Paulson by Aaron S. Edlin [Password protected for UW students only]

Useful blogs and websites on global market repercussions
Nouriel Roubini of the Stern business school for a bearish business perspective on the crisis
John Authers of the FT giving the day by day Wall St view on the crisis as it unfolds
Naomi Klein's writings on resisting Wall Street's Shock Doctrine
Naked Capitalism: A Blog of economic blogs (without nudity but bearing lots of good links!)
Grants Interest Rate Observer for a bond market perspective on the crisis
Across the Curve another bond market blog by John Jansen
Financial Alarmageddon: A self-congratulatory but still salutary blog from someone who predicted the crisis
Paul Krugman of the NYT on the bailout and the election
House Financial Services Committee
Federal Reserve Board Policy
Znet: Critical Blogs on the Economy
Federal Reserve System Monitor
Susan George's website

Comic relief
Stephen Colbert on the value of free market idolatory
John Stewart of the Daily Show on the Paulson Plan and history's most awkward loan interview
The Colbert Report reports the bail-out and Interview of Naomi Klein by Colbert
Bird and Fortune explain subprime SIVs for beginners (and experts!)
CNBC not trying to be funny, but providing plenty of humor in their subprimer for dummies

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World Governance

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
The World Bank
The Whirled Bank
World Trade Organization (WTO)
WTO History Project at UW
What's wrong with the WTO
Porto Allegre, Social Forum site (that has many other good links and papers)
John Pilger on Globalization and the 'New Rulers of the World'
Global Economic Justice
Alternatives for a better world
Third World Network
World Civil Society Forum
International Forum on Globalization
Journal of World Systems Research

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Corporate Watch
Directory of Corporations
Oxfam's Nike Watch
Nike Wages / Educating for Justice
Nike Workers / Press for Change
Liz Claiborne
Executive Pay Watch (provides online information on many businesses)

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Labor NGOs

Labour Start
Jobs With Justice
International Labor Organization
Workers Rights Organization
Campaign for Labor Rights
UNITE (US Union Site)
National Labor Committee
United Electrical Workers Intl. Solidarity

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Trade and Commodity Tracking

The BBC's track a global container project
Public Citizen, Global Trade Watch site (has good material on WTO rulings and the downward harmonization effects of free trade)
Behind the Label (excellent material on sweat-shops and the politics surrounding them)
Maquila Solidarity Network
Co-Op America's Responsible Shopper Site
Clean Clothes Campaign

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Human Rights, Fair Trade and Anti-Corporatization Groups

Human Rights Watch and Women's Rights
Global Exchange (a VERY useful site developed by a human rights group that  promotes environmental, political, and social justice around the world).
United Students Against Sweatshops
Fair Labor Organization
Fair Trade Resource Network (provides support for student action campaigns)
Fair Trade Coffee
No Logo (Naomi Klein's own No Logo website with great interactive postings interface)
No Sweat (UK-based anti-sweat shop site)
United For a Fair Economy
Global Economic Justice
Third World Network

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Environmental NGOs

United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
Friends of the Earth
Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment (ASJE)

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Debt Crisis Sites

Jubliee Plus (a great site with figures on debt country and useful analysis)
New Economics

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Famous Names Sites

Joseph Stiglitz's website
Paul Krugman's website
Jagdish Bhagwati's  web site
Susan George's website
Amartya Sen's web site

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Media and University Sites

Globalization Research Center
Globalization Research Network
Research Channel Program - Living in a Global World
Yale Global
Common Dreams
Dollars and Sense magazine

New Internationalist magazine
Tom Paine Internet Magazine
Left Business Observer
Independent Media Center
Institute for International Economics
Bridges Trade News Digest
Center for the Study of Globalization and Regionalization
Center for Communication and Civic Engagement at UW


Paul Farmer/ Haiti/ Global Health

UW's common book resource site
Interview with Paul Farmer and full free access to Ch. 1 of Pathologies of Power
Interview with Paul Farmer about the state of Haiti after the floods and US intervention of 2004
The London based Haiti Support Group
The World Bank website on Haiti
A critical antidote to the World Bank's view of Haiti
More critical commentary on behind the news developments in Haiti
Gapminder has some excellent graphic interfaces with which to view UNDP charts of inequality data
UW's own Population Health Forum

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