Introduction to Global Health






Research worksheets

For a worksheet guide for the Global Fund research project with the 7 component assignments click here

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Defining "indicators," "targets" and other metrics

For a 3 page introduction explaining the differences between various input and output indicators click here

For a 1 page summary of the way indicator metrics and targets interrelate click here


Articles and reports on the global fund

Oliver Sabot, and Shanelle Hall, "One more reason to fund the Global Fund," The Lancet, Volume 379, Issue 9813, Pages e25 - e26, 28 January 2012

Laurie Garrett,"Global Fund Hits Crisis Point," Nature February 2, 2012: 7.

R. Feachem and O Sabot, "The Global Fund 2001-2006: A review of the evidence," Global Public Health, October 2007; 2(4): 325-341

Marko Vujicic et al, "An analysis of GAVI, the Global Fund and World Bank support for human resources for health in developing countries," Health Policy and Planning 2012: 19

Neil Spicer and Aisling Walsh, "10 best resources on . . . the current effects of global health initiatives on country health systems," Health Policy and PLanning, 2012: 27: 265269


Library Research resources

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Definitions of student work:

Research work 

The research work and section participation will contribute 40% towards your final grade.Your major research project for Global Health 101 will be to write a modified Global Fund proposal.
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria “was created to dramatically increase resources to fight three of the world's most devastating diseases, and to direct those resources to areas of greatest need.” By following key components of this disease specific policy development process, you will learn about the wider mechanics effecting funding for Global Health while also developing knowledge about heath needs and systems in a poor country setting. Over the quarter you will complete a series of seven assignments that will culminate with a modified proposal for submission to the Global Fund at the end of the quarter. Each assignment will contribute to the final product and allow for consistent progress on your proposal throughout the quarter. The grade break-down for Global Fund project and the 7 assignments: is as follows:

#1 Selecting a country 5% Download Assignment 1 Worksheet
#2 Gap analysis 25% Download Assignment 2 Worksheet
#3 Economic indicators 5% Download Assignment 3 Worksheet
#4 Political climate 5% Download Assignment 4 Worksheet
#5 Actors 5% Download Assignment 5 Worksheet
#6 Map 5% Download Assignment 6 Worksheet
#7 Proposal 50% (This 50% breaks down as follows: Intro/strategy 5%, Objectives 10%, Activities 10%, fit with existing agencies 10%, 5 issues 10%, potential opposition 5%). Download Assignment 7 Worksheet